The G4UZN Historic QSL Collection


                                                               Amateur Radio History - Belgium

Rudolf  Couppez -W2 - later 2UU -1924


  Early calls were just a letter followed by a number. In 1914, the pioneers, Paul de Neck (later ON4UU), Robert Deloor P2 (later ON4SA) (the call was  later re-issued), Joseph Mussche (later ON4BJ/ON4BK), G. Pollart D2 (later ON4BY), Rudolf Couppez W2, and Haumont B7, met in the house of the "Cercle Belge d'etudes radioelectriques" in Brussels to share their interest in amateur radio. In 1922 they changed their name to "Reseau des Deux" - "Network of Two" after their two-letter calls. In 1924 the network was dissolved, and they formed the "Reseau Belge" ("Belgian Network") which became the national Society in due course.


Paul de Neck ON4UU - later several times President of the Reseau Belge

Card from 1933


B-02 Brussels 1926



 B-4RS Verviers 1926