The G4UZN Historic QSL Collection


                                                               Amateur Radio History - Italy


1MT Giulio Salom, Palazzo Spinelli, Venice 1925

  Giulio Salom 1MT, later I0ACL, was the first in Italy to obtain a special licence from Posts and Telegraphs to construct his own  equipment, on 1st December 1923. On 9 December 1923 on a wavelength of 200 metres he carried out a two hour telegraphy contact with 2HF near Birmingham, England. He made the first Atlantic crossing from Italy in 1924, and in 1925 received a gold medal for the greatest number of contacts with the U.S.A..He was the Italian representative during the formation of the I.A.R.U. Later he became President of the A.R.I.



Palazzo Spinelli - Venezia (Venice) Italy



1AA 1925



1AA 1925



1AY  1927

Pippo Fontana






I1RG  Ernesto Montu  1925

Founder of A.R.I. in 1927

Founder of Radiogiornale  (Radio Revista from 1948) in 1923;  now official organ of A.R.I.

1AU Torino (Turin) 1926

First Italian station to work Australia - 2YH on 9 October 1925 on 8.7 mHz at 1200Z.


I1BW Castelfranco Veneto 1926



I1IE  1931

I1IL  1930

I1OP  1928




I1ER Mario Santangeli 1927

 He was active from 1921 and first Italian station to contact New Zealand on 31 May 1925 -Z2XA on 7 mhz at 0500Z.






I1ER Mario Santangeli - card from 1948