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    At the beggining of the 20-th century  the activity of amateur radio in Romania was not regulated by Law. However the Romanian radio enthusiasts were not stopped by this situation and they started their experiments from the early 20's situating Romania among the first nations of the world in this respect.
    Here below you can find some important dates for the romanian amateur radio activity.


    In March 1925 some radio enthusiasts led by professor Dragomir Hurmuzescu and Eng.C. Busila established  "The Association of Radio friends"  (RADIOFONIA).

    In June 1925, the romanian Parliament voted "The Law for settlement and use of  electrical radio stations". However this Law did not mentioned the right of individuals to use private radio stations.

    On 13-th of september 1925 was issued the  first Romanian radio magazine "RADIO ROMAN".  In this magazine there were articles about: Morse code,
Q - code, schematics of radio receivers, etc.

    On october 1925 it was issued  the second Romanian  radio magazine


    In 1926 on the 8-th issue of the radio magazine "RADIO ROMAN" it was published the first schematic diagram of a radio transmitter.

    In 1926, a young Romanian student Popescu Malaiesti  made the first QSOs from Romania using the call sign BR5AA on 42 meters.  One of his QSOs is certified by the QSL received from G2BUO , dated 27.12.1926 at 18.35 GMT.

    On 18-th of March 1926 in the city of Craiova it was founded the Associations of Radio Friends "RADIO CRAIOVA"  and the first Radio Club from Romania "RADIOCLUBUL CRAIOVA".
    The President of the radio club was Dr.A. Savopol. (5AS).His activity was very important for the development of amateur radio in Romania.

    The first Romanian experimental broadcast short-wave radio station (25 w power output)  was  activated in October 1926 inside the University Electrotechnical Institute from Bucharest.


    In 1927, the radio amateur Popescu Malaiesti (BR5AA) changed  his call sign  in ER5AA according to the new IARU regulations.
    In March 1927 a new Romanian amateur starts his activity, Eng. Nicolae Lupas
using the call sign ER5AB.


    The first Romanian national short-wave broadcast station RADIO ROMANIA started its activity.


    Romania signs the Hague Convention regarding the authorization of radio amateurs stations . However the Law permitting the activity of  amateur transmitting stations was promoted only in 1936 and was validated by  the Romanian Parliament in 1938.

    In 1929 it was published the book  RADIO PHONY (telegraphy and wireless telegraphy, receiving systems, radio localization, short waves, accumulators) by Alexandru I. Popescu.


    It was founded the first collective Romanian amateur radio station ER5BI

    On 23-rd March 1930 on the occasion of celebrating 4 years of activity the
radio club CRAIOVA organized an exhibition with radio receivers and transmitters made by amateurs.

1931 - 1933

    Many Romanian amateur radio stations  were active on  3.5  , 7  and  14 Mhz bands. We mention just some of them: CV5AV , CV5AS, CV5FD, CV5EV, CV5BB, CV5AF, CV5AA, CV5X, CV5RD, CV5AR.

    In 1932 the Romanian amateur Anatol Poruznik  (YR5AP ex.OK1AP, YP5AP)  received the WAC Award with the call sign OK1AP (being a student in Czechoslovakia) and then in 1936 the first WAC award for Romania.

    In July 1933 it was founded the Amateur Radio Association "RADIO - CLUB - ROMAN"

    On 01/10/1933  it was organized in Bucharest the first congress of Romanian radio amateurs (R.E.R.)

1934 - 1935

    Romanian amateurs began to use the new prefix YP5 instead of CV5

    In October 1934 it was issued a new radio magazine "RADIO UNIVERSUL"
which included some pages devoted to amateur radio activity.

1936 - 1939

    On the 1-st of March 1936 it was settled "The Romanian Association of Short Wave Radio Amateurs" (AARUS). The presidents of AARUS were: YR5AA (Eng.Paul Popescu Malaiesti) and later  YR5EB (Eng. Gheorghe Enescu).
    The association was officially admitted to membership in I.A.R.U on 10/01/1938.
    The official magazine of AARUS was called YR5 Bulletin.
    During this period the Romanian radio amateurs were using  the prefix YR5 .
    On November 1936 , YR5FD (F.Dinescu) receives the second WAC for Romania.
       In the 1939-th edition of the ARRL  Call book magazine there were listed 177 Romanian call signs (YR5)
    There were also some club stations: YR5AAC, YR5ABC, YR5ACC.

1939 - 1945

    In september 1939, due to the war, the activity of  Romanian radio amateurs was suspended by the authorities.

1945 - 1948

    After the war even if the amateur radio activity was not legalized, some amateurs restarted their activity clandestinely.
    In order to fool the authorities, some of them deleted the last letter from their pre-war call signs such as: YR5B (Augustin Mityko ex. YR5BF), YR5I (Ionel Pantea ex. YR5IT),  YR5M (Liviu Macoveanu ex. YR5ML), YR5V (Valeriu Vasilescu ex. YR5VV) , YR5P (Cezar Pavelescu ex.YR5PP),  YR5X (George
Racz), YR5B (Nitza Radutza) , YR5R (George Craiu) and some used fictitious call signs such as TA1N.
    Some were arrested due to the hobby:  YR5B, YR5V,YR5X, YR5M, YR5B and others.
    In the autumn of 1946, a group of radio amateurs (Ernest Gross, Cezar Ionescu, Vintila Golumbovici, Paul Popescu Malaiesti, Mihai Vasiliu, Cezar Pavelescu, Trifu Septimiu, George Craiu, Liviu Macoveanu, Ion Cioc, Stefan Stanescu, Iani Teodorescu) made a petition to the Ministry of Defense and to the Ministry of Internal Affairs in order to approve legalization of the radio amateur activity in Romania.
    They also established the "Association of Short Wave Amateurs"(A.A.R.U.S)
    This Association was legalized on 02/10/1948. (President was Ernest Gross, Vice-President Cezar Ionescu, Secretary: Vintila Golumbovici).

1949 - 1960

      The radio amateur's activity becomes legal.
     The authorization no.1 was received by YO3AA ( Eng. Ernest Gross ex.YR5IG) and no.2 by YO2BU (Dan Constantin) in 1949.

    Other call signs authorized in 1949 were:  YO3RF, YO3GK, YO3RI, YO3GT, YO3GY, YO4CR, YO5LC, YO8RL, etc.

    In 1950 the "Association of Short Wave Amateurs"(A.A.R.U.S) was transformed in the "Association of short wave transmitting - receiving radio amateurs (A.R.E.R)

    From 1954 till 1960 the activity of  the radio amateurs was coordinated by A.V.S.A.P. (The Association for Defense of the Country)
    In 1960 there were 296 authorized amateur radio stations.

    In 1956 it was issued a new amateur radio magazine "RADIOAMATORUL"
which was printed till september 1958. (a total of 22 issues).
    This was the best amateur radio magazine printed in Romania.

    In 1960 it was established the Federation of aviation and radio amateur sports
which was later transformed in the Romanian Amateur Radio Federation (FRR).

                                          - to be continued -

This brief history was compiled by YO4AUL on basis of some articles published in "Radioamator YO" by YO3SF, YO3APG, YO3RD, YO3PI  etc.